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                    minus Issue 4/2011: Links on the topic “Educational policy between expert knowledge and the public“
                    minus Issue 4/2010: Links on the topic “Visual competence“
                    minus Issue 4/2010: Links on the topic “The Finnish school“
                    minus Issue 5/2009: Links on the topic “Private schools“
                    minus Issue 4/2009: Links on the topic “Values, return to education“
                    minus Issue 2/2009: Links on the topic “Elite and excellence“
                    minus Issue 2/2009: Links on the topic “Pedagogical authority“
                    minus Issue 2/2007: Links on the topic “International organisations, global players in education policy“
          minus North and Middle America
                    Latin America
                    Central America
                    North America
                    Virgin Islands of the United Sta
                    Antigua and Barbuda
                    British Virgin Islands
                    Costa Rica
                    Dominican Republic
                    El Salvador
                    Galapagos Islands
                    Cayman Islands
                    Netherlands Antilles
                    Puerto Rico
                    Saint Kitts and Nevis
                    Saint Lucia
                    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
                    Turks and Caicos Islands
               minus United States
                         Talking about education in the US election 2016
          minus South America
                    Latin America
               minus Argentina
                         Educational Research in Argentina
               minus Brazil
                         Education in Brazil
                         Educational Research in Brazil
                    Falkland Islands
                    Trinidad and Tobago
          minus Europe
                    Central Europe
                    Mediterranean Countries
                    North Europe
                    Eastern Europe
                    Southeastern Europe
                    Western Europe
               minus Belgium
                         Education in Flanders (Belgium)
                    Bosnia and Herzegovina
                    Faroe Islands
               minus Finland
                         Education in Finland
               minus France
                         Education in France
                    minus Refondons l`école - School Reform in France under François Hollande starting in 2012/2013
                              1. Stage (2012/13): Reform of the Primary School (School Reform in France under François Hollande)
                              2. Stage (2015): The Reform of the French “Collège“ under the Minister for Education Vallaud-Belkacem (2015)
               minus Greece
                         Education in Greece
                    Isle of Man
               minus Ireland
                         Educational Research in Ireland
                    Channel Islands
                    Macedonia, The former Yugoslav Republic
               minus Netherlands
                         Education in the Netherlands
                    Northern Ireland
                    Russian Federation
                    San Marino
                    Slovak Republic
                    Czech Republic
               minus Ukraine
                         Education in Ukraine
                         Educational Research in Ukraine
                    Vatican City
               minus United Kingdom
                         The United Kingdom: a role model for inclusive education?
          minus Africa
                    Africa South of the Sahara
                    Arab States
                    Islamic Countries
                    Mediterranean Countries
                    North Africa
                    East Africa
                    Southern Africa
                    West Africa
                    Equatorial Guinea
                    Burkina Faso
                    Ivory Coast
                    Cape Verde
                    Congo, Democratic Republic of the (Congo-Kinshasa)
                    Congo, Republic of the (Congo-Brazzaville)
                    Sao Tome and Principe
                    Sierre Leone
                    South Sudan
               minus South Africa, Republic
                         Education in South Africa
                    Central African Republic
          minus Asia
                    Arab States
                    Islamic Countries
                    Middle East
                    Middle East
                    East Asia
                    South Asia
                    Southeastern Asia
                    Central Asia
                    Brunei Darussalam
               minus China
                         Education in China
                    Hong Kong
               minus India
                         Education in India
               minus Indonesia
                         Education in Indonesia
               minus Israel
                         Education in Israel
                    Korea, Democratic People's Republic
                    Republic of Korea
               minus Palestinian Areas
                         Education in Palestine
               minus Russian Federation
                         Education in Russia
                    Saudi Arabia
                    Sri Lanka
               minus Turkey
                         Educational Research in Turkey
                    United Arab Emirates
          minus Australia and Oceania
                    Pacific Rim
                    Cook Islands
                    French Polynesia
                    Marshall Islands
                    New Caledonia
                    New Zealand
                    Northern Mariana Islands
                    Norfolk Island
                    Papua New Guinea
                    Solomon Islands
          minus Education research
               minus in individual countries
                         Educational Research in Argentina
                         Educational Research in Brazil
                         Educational Research in Ireland
                         Educational Research in Turkey
                         Educational Research in Ukraine
               minus on specific topics
                         Space and Architecture in an Educational Context
          minus Current Educational Issues in Politics and Society
                    Talking about education in the US election 2016
               minus Book Fair Dossiers 2016
                         Education in Flanders (Belgium)
                         Education in the Netherlands
                    The Brexit and its potential consequences for cooperation and exchange in education and science
                    Refugee Education in an International Perspective
                    Refondons l`école - School Reform in France under François Hollande starting in 2012/2013
               minus Inclusion in an International Perspective: Introduction
                         Inclusion: International
                         Inclusion: Europe
                         Inclusion: North America (incl. Middle America)
                         Inclusion: Africa
                         Inclusion: Individual Countries
               minus Education in the BRICS States
                         Education in Brazil
                         Education in Russia
                         Education in India
                         Education in China
                         Education in South Africa
                         BRICS Cooperations
                    Open Educational Resources (OER) - an Overview of Initiatives Worldwide
                    Gifted and talented students - educational policy and practice
          minus Older Thematic Dossiers
               minus General information
                    minus Education policy
                              Education policy institutions
                         minus Education policy topics
                                   Refugee Education in an International Perspective
                              minus Quality of education systems
                                   minus Reports on education
                                             UNESCO reports on education
                                        minus OECD Reports on education
                                                  OECD: Education at a glance
                                                  OECD: Starting Strong I + II: Early Childhood Education and Care
                                             European reports on education
                                        minus National education reports (except Germany)
                                                  National education reports in France
                                                  National education reports in Canada
                                                  National education reports in the Netherlands
                                                  National education reports in Austria
                                                  National education reports in Sweden
                                                  National education reports in Switzerland
                                                  National education reports in the United Kingdom
                                                  National education reports in the USA
                                        Education standards
                                   minus International comparative assessments
                                             Programme for International Student Assessment [PISA]
                                             Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies [PIAAC]
                                             Progress in International Reading Literacy Study [PIRLS]
                                             Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study [TIMSS]
                                             International Computer and Information Literacy Study [ICILS]
                                             nternational Civic and Citizenship Education Study [ICCS]
                                             Teacher Education and Development Study in Mathematics [TEDS-M]
                                   Gifted and talented students - educational policy and practice
                                   Cultural and Arts Education
                              minus Learning and practicing democracy and participation
                                        Education for democratic citizenship
                              minus Migration and integration
                                        Migrant policies and education by country-Europe
                                        Migration, policy and education - non-European countries
                              minus Inclusive education (date: May 2010)
                                        Definition of terms
                                        Key documents
                                        Theoretical aspects
                                        Practical aspects
                    minus Education legislation
                              Human Rights Education
                              General resources -education legislation
                    minus Education statistics
                         minus Statistical offices and education statistics by country
                                   Statistical offices and education statistics in European countries
                              minus Non-European statistical offices and education statistics
                                        Asia (education statistics)
                                        Australia / Oceania (education statistics)
                                        Central and South America (education statistics)
                                        North America (education statistics)
                         minus Statistics of European and international organisations
                                   Statistics of European organisations
                              minus Statistics of international organisations
                                        UNESCO statistics
                                   minus OECD statistics
                                             OECD: Education at a glance
                    minus Information offers
                         minus Information science support
                              International databases
                              International documentation centers
                         minus International journals
                         minus National libraries
                                   Library catalogues
                                   History of education collections
                                   Publishers worldwide
                              National education servers
                         minus Multilingual work aids
                                   › Multilingual thesaurus of education
                                   › Education glossaries
                                   › Multilingual dictionaries of education
               minus Early childhood education
                    minus Early childhood education / Pre-primary education
                         minus Early childhood policy by country
                                   Denmark - Early childhood care and education
                                   Finland - Early childhood care and education
                                   France - Early childhood care and education
                                   Ireland - Early childhood care and education
                                   Italy -Early childhood care and education
                                   The Netherlands - Early childhood care and education
                                   Norway- Early childhood care and education
                                   Austria - Early childhood care and education
                                   Sweden - Early childhood care and education
                                   Switzerland - Early childhood care and education
                                   United Kingdom - Early childhood care and education
                                   Canada - Early childhood care and education
                                   New Zealand - Early childhood care and education
                                   The United States - Early childhood care and education
                         minus Relevant reports, materials, comparisions
                                   - Programs, projects
                                   - Statistics, monitoring
                    minus Educators training
                              Types of educator training
                              Mobility of educators
                    minus Portals, networks, databases
               minus School education
                    minus School - general information
                         minus Schools with special profile
                              minus Schools and Europe
                                        European Schools
                                        Schools whith european profile
                                   International Schools
                                   UNESCO Associated Schools
                                   Montessori schools
                                   Steiner Waldorf schools
                         minus Relevant reports, materials, comparisons
                                   › Information and communication technologies in schools
                                   › Foreign languages in schools
                    minus Teacher education
                              Teacher education and training
                              Teacher mobility
                              School partnerships, exchanges
                    minus Portals, networks, databases
               minus Vocational education and training
                    minus School-based vocational education systems
                              Vocational education systems by countries
                              Vocational education reform
                    minus Vocational education & training
                              Types of vocational educaton and training
                              The training of trainers
                              Mobility and vocational education
                    minus Portals, networks, databases
               minus Higher education
                    minus Higher education - general information
                              Higher education policy by countries
                         minus Higher education reform
                                   Country reports - Realisation exemples [more]
                              Relevant reports, materials, comparisons
                    minus Study courses, young scientists
                         minus Studies
                                   Studying abroad
                                   Universities, High schools worldwide
                              Young scientists
                         minus Mobility and academic exchange
                                   Recognition of higher education degrees
                              minus The European Higher Education Area
                                        Bologna Process - Steps
                                   minus Documents pursuant to the creation of a EHEA
                                             Key aspects in realizing the strategy
                                        minus Accompanying documents
                                                  More information
                                        Programs - Promotion
                                        Active organisations
                                        Country reports - Realisation exemples [more]
                    minus Portals, networks, databases
               minus Adult education
                         Adult education in a general perspective
                    minus Priority areas in adult education
                         minus Adult literacy
                              E-learning in adult education
                         minus The European Area for lifelong Learning
                                   Documents concerning the realization of LLL
                              minus Strategies of lifelong learning
                                        Key aspects in realizing the strategy
                                        Programs - projects
                                   Reports from international institutions / organizations
                                   Country reports - Implementation exemples
                    minus Portals, networks, databases
                         minus Institutions
                                   Adult education institutions
                                   Literacy institutions
                         minus Journals
                                   E-journals on e-learning
               minus Science / Research
                    minus International co-operation
                              Co-operation consultancy
                              Co-operation agreements
                              Projects, programs
                              Reports, materials
                    minus Portals, networks, databases
                         minus Institutions
                                   Ministries of education, sciences, research
                                   Institutions for the research promotion
                         minus Journals
                                   Online contents
                              Documents Archives