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Titel (original): Tackling with Refugee Children’s Problems in Turkish Schools (Aysun Dogutas, 2016)
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Beschreibung(EN): Article published in: Journal of Education and Training Studies, v4 n8 p1-8 Aug 2016. -- "The main aim of this study is to produce a solution to improve the refugee and asylum seeker students' adaptation to the Turkish schools and classrooms by using action research approach which is often preferred for solving the problems encountered by the educators. The sample of the study consists of selected students at a primary school in Denizli province in 2014-2015 academic years. This sample consists of one school and 14 students. It uses qualitative data collection tools including teacher and principal interviews, student interviews, and observation of the researcher and implementers. Results showed that the action research is useful. Having special education helped refugee and asylum seeker students to read, write and speak the Turkish language quicker and have communication and adaptation to their classmates and teachers easier." [Abstract: Site editor’s information]
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